The Right Mind.

Communication Course - Mount Isa

The Right Mind - Workshop Outcomes
✓ An understanding of what 'real' communication is and why a team's
performance will be ultimately successful or limited by their capacity
to do it
✓ Increased ability to respect (without judgment) and work with
personality and cultural differences
✓ A shift to understanding 'they' are ultimately responsible for the level
of response they receive when communicating
✓ Specific skills to allow difficult and confronting conversations to take
place and still have performance from individuals.

Introduction to course by James Lord.
Quote: 'James Lord and Sally Hollier would like to welcome you all to this communication workshop.
To me correct communication is a very important aspect of our lives.
This is important with our friends, our work colleagues, our family both extended and close family and the people who are closest to us.
Here today I have friends, family and work colleagues and friends of my son and daughter in law. It is a privilege to share this course with you all, and it is a time to get to know you all a little more.
I would like to introduce Jill Rigney to you all.
I have known Jill for  15 years.
I first met when Jill was working with Terry McCosker in his business which is called RCS.
I first attended the Grazing for Profit course in 1994 and subsequently spent four years going to an extension of this course called executive link. In our industry this programme has had a big effect on a lot of people. The effects have been like changing.
I and we (being the businesses that I own or are in partnership in) I have used Jill for coaching when we feel the need to progress ourselves or our businesses.
Jill with her partner David Hanlon have their own successful coaching business called “The Right Mind”
I have enjoyed working with Jill and she has developed into a fine coach over the decades.
I look forward to those who can attend this course.

Marjorie Lord & Debbie Van Der Meerberg - Lord Cattle Administration
Sandra Hagan - May Downs attending the Mount Isa course.

Bob Lord, Jeannette & Robert Lord from Kilterry Station via Nelia Queensland.



Jill Rigney - The Right Mind

Jill Rigney - Course Facilitator.
Read more about Right Mind follow link...

some Course Participants.

Exercises determining fitness levels.
No we were not sleeping! but undergoing physical exercises that determined our fitness levels.

The next Generation

The next generation of better communicators.
James Lord & Kayla Lord.

Archie Lord & John Ryan from Precision Overhauls Diesel Mechanic Fitters.

Tineal & Sally Hollier - from North West Gymnastics & Annemarie Fapanni from Mt Isa Mining Equipment.